Holy Homo, Batman!

2003-08-06 - 2:33 p.m.

Front page news of late has highlighted the Anglican Church's feud over whether or not to make an openly gay priest a Bishop. That leads me to write the top 10 reasons an openly gay man should be allowed to hold any office in any church.

10) You don't have to look at his spandex shorts when he's wearing his robe.

9) It's not like anybody doesn't know about the pedophile priests thing, why be embarrassed about a sensitive, decent man who's honest with you?

8) It's 200motherfucking3, people!

7) Organized religion, one of the biggest businesses around, needs money to survive. Embracing the gay population would keep those offering dollars rolling in.

6) Clergy can't marry, and if the Vatican and Bush administration are so concerned with preventing gay marriage, shouldn't they be encouraging more gay clergy?

5) The only difference between you and a gay person is you're an ignorant asshole.

4) Kenneth Cole's fall line of Frocks.

3) Probably not the first time he's worn a collar.

2) White people churches could certainly use some sprucing up. Hymns with a beat? Sermons with a pulse? Oh my!

1) What's more queer than religion?